The Autumn Dance

St. Matthew’s Academy,

Jack’s Road,


KA21 5NT

20thOctober, 2017

at 7:30pm

Band: Mairtin Skene

Dancers: £9, non-dancers: £5; including Supper.

Tickets available from Trish Lorraine or any committee member.

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Enter by the main entrance to the school. There is plenty of free on-site parking.


Rory O’More 32J Book 1
Catch the Wind 32R Book 45
S-locomotion 4x32S Book 41
The Cooper’s Wife J8x40 10 Bar Phrases – Mitchel
More Bees A-Dancing 32R Goldring
Culla Bay 4x32S square Book 41
Napier’s Index 40J Book 45
The Duchess Tree 32S Drewry
Scott Meikle 4x32R Book 46
Best Set in the Hall 32J Book 46
Rye Twist 5x32R Book 48
The Swan and the Tay 3x32S Perth 800
Bob’s Chase (4X32) Sq Set. W. Williamson
The White Cockade 32R Book 5
City of Belfast 3x32S Book 48
It’s Just for Fun 32J Book 33
The Montgomeries’ Rant 32R Book 10

Uppies & Doonies 4x32J Clowes
The Highland Rambler 40R Goldring