The Autumn Dance

St. Matthew’s Academy,

Jack’s Road,


KA21 5NT

19thOctober, 2018

at 7:30pm

Band: Mathew MacLennan

Dancers: £9, non-dancers: £5; including Supper.

Tickets available from Trish Lorraine or any committee member.

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Enter by the main entrance to the school. There is plenty of free on-site parking.


Mrs Stewart’s Jig 32J Book 35
Baldovan Reel 4x32R Henderson
The Rose of the North 32S Goldring
Roaring Jelly 32J Foss
Mrs Stuart Linnell 40R Bayley
Greenmantle 3x32S Wilkinson
Come What May 32J Book 51
The Dream Catcher 96S square Book 45
Starlight 32R Book 44
Light & Airy 32J Book 4
The Rutland Reel 40R Book 48
The Silver Grey 3x32S Goldring
The Hazel Tree 32J Drewry
Staircase in Styria 5x40R Gray
Gang the Same Gate 32S Book 36
Follow Me Home 32J Book 38
The Montgomeries’ Rant 32R Book 10

Reel of the Royal Scots 32R Leaflet
Granville Market 32J 2nd Graded Book